At Sam's, we put only the best ingredients in our granola. We use organic grains, seeds, nuts, fruit, and maple - and we shake up that tired oat-n-honey formula by using other high-fiber grains like barley, spelt, and rye. Did you know barley helps lower cholesterol? Or that spelt is higher in zinc and protein than wheat? And rye is a power grain that is good for respiratory health? We love oats too! But sometimes they could use a little help.


We also love our freeze-dried fruits. These are different from conventionally dried fruits in that they undergo a process called sublimation: They are taken at the peak of ripeness, frozen, and dried under a vacuum. Which means what you are left with is pure flavor.


Which brings us to our last point. At Sam's, we believe food should have flavor. If you have to eat, make it count! This is why we thought coffee and coconut belonged together - or strawberries with caramel corn, even in your cereal. And we pack ours in a tube, because bags are so 2012.


Lemon-Pistachio and Bananas Foster are coming your way very soon. Thanks for riding with us!